In Issue 14

Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley


“Always keep your heart open, it’s the only way to give or receive love.” – Unknown

Birthdays April 2nd-8th
Jackhammer’s Russ Johannsen on the 5th, Randy, Alice, Cha Cha, Jamie, Patrick W.,  Linda Starr, Fred F., Jeanne on the 3rd, Gary Woodall on the 8th, Dave, Todd W., Mike and belated best wishes to Mona’s hot bartender D.A. (David).
Jon Anthony will celebrate his Birthday Party with over 200 VIP invitees at Johnny’s on Wednesday, April 8th with complimentary drinks from 9-10pm.

We Hear
That the reigning Miss Florida F.I. Victoria Michaels and super XXX star Dean Coxx were spotted all over town at such places as Coach, Sawgrass Mills and dining at J. Alexander’s. Who says blonds don’t have more fun? The hot couple appeared to be having one hell of a time. What was for dessert?


That HX Magazine recently reported that Window Media has folded operations of Genre Magazine.
That a busy neighborhood bar is considering a move to a new venue on The Drive? Stay tuned on this one!

That Dame Edna’s shows were packed with socialites such as Mona’s John “Mary” Lyons with Gary Dunn and noted attorney Arthur Smith and a few others. Victor Zepka and a party of 20 were also spotted there, as was Paul Hugo, Brett and Robbie Tannenbaum, Peter Clark and more. The show was a blast!

That a drag diva of note took off to Europe for a surgical procedure to enhance her looks, which were already fabulous! Go figure…

That a group of frat visitors got into a dare game of strip Texas Hold ‘Em and lost to the big boys and were more than willing to pay the price in an all night session at a closed warehouse!

That some big names attended a party in the River Land Road area, where the entertainment was too hot for some to handle and some of the guests rushed out, blushing to the bone (no pun intended). Those that stayed played and paid into the wee hours and it began at 5 pm!!!!

That a new biz partner may be causing a big stir at a well-known venue. We did warn you about him!!!

That a certain well-known club has been sold and nothing can be said for about 50 more days as it’s all too hush-hush, but remember you read it here first. Think the downtown area!

That a club owner who has sold a club has big plans for a new one but no word can be put out as yet on this hot spot to come but trust me, my dears, it will be one hot venue!!

That a certain guy named Luke is one of the hottest numbers this town has seen in ages. Whew!!!!! And nice with no attitude! This one should be in GQ.
That the new thing for our hot frat visitors is to take home the undies of their tricks to hang in their dorm rooms! Ok, I’ve heard worse and so have you!

That a very aggressive elderly gent got for $40 what would usually get the hunk $300. Check the classifieds, my dears!
That a hot, hot, hot massage got even hotter when the towel was removed and a wowser was stiff, steady and ever so ready, making the rest of the day’s appointment cancelled!!

That a guy who puts out fires sure started one in the Dockers of a guy he met on a hook up site and they are still together. Think initial J for this one!

That’s it for this one, but please play safe as the bars and clubs are packed with fresh meat all looking for a good time, so get off the couch and get out and get some BUT double bag it, please!!

Remember, when in doubt, “Whip it out.”

Cheers! Mrs Beasley


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