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boca art bannerThis fine art & fine craft event showcases artists from around the globe and top notch local artists including glass, clay, wood, fiber, jewelry, sculpture, paintings, photography, and metal.  All work is original and personally handmade by the artists in the show…

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Produced by Hot Works, LLC and Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc., The 4th annual Boca Fine Arts Show takes place: Saturday, January 19 & Sunday, January 20 from 10am-5pm daily with free admission & free parking.

This fine art & fine craft event showcases artists from around the globe and top notch local artists including glass, clay, wood, fiber, jewelry, sculpture, paintings, photography, and metal.  All work is original and personally handmade by the artists in the show.   There is art work for every budget – something for everyone.  This event is juried by art professionals based on originality, execution, and overall presentation. The event will feature:

 Artist Awards $1,500 – distributed as follows: two $500 Judge’s Award of Excellence & five $100 Awards of Excellence.

Artist Demonstrations:  Art demonstrations will be taking place throughout the weekend.  Patrons can learn techniques of how some of the art work is made. 

Budding Artists Art Competition: As part of our commitment to include art education in the Boca Raton Fine Art Show™ and the Palm Beach County community as a whole, a budding artists art competition for grades 6-12 or ages 9-19 is implemented into the event and provided a prime space within the show.  This program is sponsored by Institute for the Arts & Education, our associated 501-c3 nonprofit organization that supports this program; there is $250 in Budding Artists awards.  Young artists are encouraged to create their original and personally handmade art as they began to learn the rules of being part of a professional art show and exhibition. 

Live Entertainment:  There will be various rhythmic music throughout the weekend for your listening pleasure.

 The Boca Fine Arts Show is featuring 2 out gay artists. They are Robert Alan Hyde and Bill Chisholm.

 Robert Alan Hyde – with torch, steel, copper and brass, Robert sketches a unique vision– blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. His forms, founded in his acute observations of humans, animals and nature, are shaped with masterful skill— enlivened with enchantment and imagination.

 Bill Chisholm – begins his process by selecting still-life subjects, constantly rearranging them to find a composition which reflects a vision resonates when I look at the subjects. He then moves the subjects within the light source until he finds the light which accentuates these subjects and moves the eye along both the subjects and the picture plane. He then proceeds to sketch the entire composition in either charcoal or paint directly on the canvas. After the sketch is done he begins blocking in the entire canvas with lights, darks and early stages of color. Bill keeps the drawing aspects of the painting and the color interplay open, and then establishes them more firmly with each layer. He continues building layers of paint using classical oil painting techniques.

 I asked both artists: What separates you from other artists and what is your favorite piece in the Boca Fine Arts show?

 Bill – My work differs from many others in its focus on fruit and vegetable still-life. My subject is traditional but I treat them like close up portraits; frequently with compositions reminiscent of human interactions. Where traditional still-life painters often use dark backgrounds mine are created with an attention to color interaction. I also frequently paint much larger than life and will vary the paint handling from tight brush work and glazing to palette knife work. 

 One of the favorite paintings I will be showing is my “Dancing Bananas” (21″x36″ oil on canvas). I like this because of the whimsical nature of the composition and the color interaction.

boca 1 Robert – My artistic expression differs from other three dimensional art because I use a dramatic linear approach. These sculptures are created from dreams and inner visions with a focus on movement and an intricate finish. Using brass, copper and steel welding rods I fashion surreal pieces and also realistic representations. Applying heat from an oxygen and acetylene welding torch, I soften and form these rods into the finished object.  My subject matter includes nature scapes, wildlife, the human figure, and abstract creations.

 One of my favorite sculptures is of an Native American titled, “Fancy Dancer” which stands 4′ tall X 2′ wide and created using brass, steel, copper and bronze. There is lots of movement and intricate detail. I am fond of this piece because it showcases the unique quality which comes from layering all of these different types of metals. It also exemplifies the balance between solidity and movement. Presents the 4th Annual Boca Raton Fine Art Show in Downtown Boca Raton, Federal Hwy. at Palmetto Park Road on Saturday & Sunday, January 19 & 20. For more information call the event hot line at 941-755-3088 or visit their website at


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