In this Militia, the sexual mercenaries will make their way through any terrain and every situation…

after-bannerafer militiaMilitia

In this Militia, the sexual mercenaries will make their way through any terrain and every situation. Director Bruno Bond’s gritty and rugged feature delivers studs in camouflage and gear who pass the time in their secret camp pleasuring their carnal comrades.  Jessy Ares and Angelo Marconi go mano-a-mano in a wild coupling that proves that the men who fight together are intimate together. Landon Conrad and Alex Marte intensely tear into each other. Defying their difference in body mass, Landon uses his pumped musculature and his perfect manhood to declare anal domination, only to have the tables turned in this front-line flip flop. Shawn Wolfe pits his lean and hairy physique against the more massive, furry Heath Jordan. The duties of this Militia have Shawn’s appendage focused on Heath. Race Cooper and Marcus Ruhl are fired up and they need to shoot, but it’s not their guns that need unloading. The AK47 in the shadows of this mysterious hideout is a reminder that these soldiers serve a higher power.  In this Militia, they honor each other sexually to keep morale high.

Rub Me Right

The action in Rub Me Right is hot and uninhibited.  These youthful, hot studs are asking for it and theirafter rubmeright buddies are giving them what they want. In the second offering from the new line, Guys Like Us, powerhouse directors Andrew Rosen, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond pool their talent in a quartet of scenes that leave the telltale scent of sex all over the house. After getting his mouth serviced by Domini Pacifico, cute blond Steve Stifer performs felatio on himself while he bottoms. Most guys have morning wood, but Jimmy Durano has bedtime wood and he asks Brandon Jones to take care of it. Brandon quivers with curiosity and gets satisfied. Nobody wants to clean the kitchen, but for Casey Moore this act of goodwill earns him a backrub and much more from sexy Richie Sabatini. Jackson Taylor is a sexual power to contend with. Connor Maguire, letting out the beast within, is ready for the challenge. Four couples, four rooms, is what happen when you Rub Me Right.


after hereticHe is a Heretic. He takes what he wants. He thumbs his nose at convention. He gives the finger to anyone who would tell him how to act. There are legions that would give themselves to him in this steamy sex club. Director Bruno Bond has created a brooding, hedonistic, underworld of rampant carnality whose inhabitants need to satisfy their lust. Master Jessy Ares works bodybuilder Alex Marte like sexual putty. Resistance is futile when the domineering gaze of super-endowed Tommy Defendi bends James Ryder to his will. Jimmy Fanz’s has a tight and furry frame, and a hungry mouth. Alexander Garrett feeds him. An aggressive meeting of the lips leads to a meeting of the loins as the awesomely buffed Ty Roderick sets the sexual stage for rocking Tyler Wolf’s sexual world. Heretic means never a weak moment.

Buck Naked

A secluded cabin in the woods is the perfect place to be Buck Naked, and when everyone else is after dark lastnaked too, there’s bound to be plenty of impromptu fun! The couplings award-winning director Steve Cruz has conjured up for your erotic pleasure are some of the best pairings in recent Falcon history. Get ready to howl when new Falcon superstar Exclusive, über-handsome Ryan Rose, gives his first Falcon bottoming performances. Yes, two of them — the first, paired with hungry Tyler Wolf – and second, an earth-shaking flip with fellow Exclusive stud Shawn Wolfe. These lean and horny beasts savor every part of Ryan, and he takes it like a champ. For Landon Conrad, a quiet read is impossible when his meaty pecs and bulging delts are a lust-alert for any passer-by including smooth young Logan Vaughn, whose roving hands won’t stop. Bodybuilders Marcus Ruhl and Angelo combine tough with tender and make you wonder if their tongues are as muscular as the rest of them. After you see what’s going on inside this cabin, you’ll want to be Buck Naked and watching this hot action all the time.



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