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“The Big Room sound deserves a comeback,” says Key West diva Faith Michaels. Her latest track, “Kiss”, is a sex-tacular floor shaker…

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by Mick Sandoval

“The Big Room sound deserves a comeback,” says Key West diva Faith Michaels. Her latest track, “Kiss”, is a sex-tacular floor shaker with hard beats that has found a following at gay underground and after-hours events throughout the country.

The song draws inspiration from her first love.  “It’s about the passion we felt towards one another,” she explains. “You know that feeling you get when you first gaze deeply into your lover’s eyes and they take your breath away?  Then when he goes in for the kiss, you feel that explosion of sensuality.”

“Kiss” is Michaels’ second single release with DJ Georgie Porgie, the Chicago-based remixer who has reached the top five on Billboard’s Hot Dance chart multiple times with hits like “Let the Music Pump You Up” and “Everybody Must Party”. Last winter, the pair collaborated on “Go Home”, a joyful club track about staying out all night on the dance floor.

“Georgie and I work so well together,” continues Michaels.

It was nice to sit down with Faith for a few questions:

Describe the perfect kiss.

The perfect kiss is when it’s with the one you love. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Paris or in your own backyard.

When and where did you experience your first real kiss? 
It was at a hotel in Tucson. We were outside. The moon was out and I had my back against a palm tree. He gave me that look, rested his hands on my waist, leaned in and then pow!  It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

When did you first realize you weren’t like all the other boys?
In second grade when I was the only boy who wanted to be Daisy Duke.

Is it fair to call your songs erotic anthems? 
Erotic anthems?  Hmmmmm….. I like that! I’ve released four singles.  Of them, two should include a parental discretion warning on them. I’m a very sexual person and there is nothing wrong with tapping into that. I don’t want to have sex all the time like a porn star. Sometimes just walking with your love, or lying in their arms watching television, is the best thing in the world. Those simple things can take one’s breath away.

“Kiss” is available now on iTunes and most major music retailers.  For more information on Faith Michaels, visit


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