Pampered Pets: Great Products for your Furry Friends
by: Sheri Elfman

Our pets are our fur babies and there are many ways to spoil them. Here are a few products that will make your pets happy.

Yoga for Dogs

petprod_yogaDoes your pooch watch you curiously while you practice yoga poses? It’s because he wants to work out with you! Florida Yoga instructor Suzi started Doga in 2002 with her furry assistant, Coali. Suzi says that Doga is about sharing yoga practice with your pet – she thinks of it as a partner in yoga class. She has taught classes in Jacksonville Beach and the surrounding area and has traveled all over the world teaching the wonders of Doga. She now has three dogs—all experts in Doga.  To see free videos of Doga poses or to order a Doga DVD, visit

No More Cones

Ah, the cone of shame – your pets hate it and you feel guilty when they need to wear it. Putting thatpetprod_cone hard plastic Elizabethan collar on your dog or cat always feels cruel – lucky for you and your pet, there is an alternative. BooBooLoon®, a soft one-piece inflatable collar, is designed with your pets’ comfort in mind. The collar is fully adjustable using Velcro fasteners and does not have to be threaded through a tight choker to stay in position. It enables pets to eat, drink, sleep and cuddle with their beloved owners, without a big plastic cone in the way. BooBooLoon® comes in five sizes – Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Visit for more information.

Cat Houses and Bowties

petprod_6Some of the most creative pet accessories can be found online at SuckUK, a company which was formed in London in 1999. SuckUK ® creates unique gifts and accessories for the home and has some really fun items for your pets! This includes folded cardboard houses for cats. This product is brilliant since cats love cardboard boxes and can’t resist them. Instead of having some ugly old box in your living room for your pet to climb in, you can put petprod_5together a cardboard house that looks like a teepee, a tank, a plane or even a snazzy pink Cadillac. These cardboard houses are good for pets who need a private place to nap. Not just for cats, other small animals, like rabbits, like them too. SuckUK ® also offers bowties for dogs and cats, which are hilarious.

Any of these products will make your pets feel extra special and loved!


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