tommy_bannerOn December 15, Broward House presents Cheech & Chong in a benefit performance at Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood. All of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Broward House, South Florida’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS community service organization.

Hotspots Media had a chance to speak with pop culture icon Tommy Chong.

With over one million likes on Facebook, Tommy Chong is a living legend who continues to grow in popularity. As half of the hilarious comedy duo Cheech & Chong, Chong wrote, directed and starred in the Cheech & Chong cult movie classics. Timelessly recognizable, Chong’s television guest spots are always memorable, like “Leo” on That 70’s Show. Soon fans can see Chong as Cloris Leachman’s love interest on Raising Hope.

During a spiritual awakening in prison, Chong became a best-selling author, having written a soulful NYT best seller during his incarceration, cleverly entitled “The I Chong: Meditations from the Joint”. “Everything that’s thrown at you is for a reason, to make you a better person,” said Chong, recognizing his own growth in humility and acceptance.

Producing six gold comedy albums, winning a Grammy Award and shattering box office records, Cheech & Chong is an unlikely comedy team that pre-dates the historic High Times Magazine, crossing boundaries and pushing limits of comedy. They have been connecting with the general population for decades, but their fans span the gamut from top executives to blue-collar workers. They have “fans from all walks of life because they identify with their characters,” said Chong. They have transcended stereotypes to get their message to a massive audience.

With Chong’s Internet presence and postings from his fans, Chong’s brand of comedy and insightful musings are reaching millions, reigniting and fueling his ever-expanding popularity. Fans can see Chong’s webcast on YouTube at Citizen Chong ( and listen to his podcast, The Chong & Chong Show, on the Sideshow Network (

During their upcoming performance in recognition of World AIDS Day and benefiting Broward House, audiences can expect to see an well-rounded, interactive laugh-fest of classic bits, music and opening with an audience Q&A. Chong says they have been around so long that fans now like to tell them stories.

Even long-time fans can expect to laugh like they are hearing the Cheech & Chong routine for the first time. Chong explains that living in each moment means, “everything has to be a brand new moment no matter how many times you have done it.” The comedy remains fresh because it still resonates with people. “You can play that same tune, but you have to play that same tune like it’s the first time you ever played it. You can say the same joke, but you need to say that joke like it’s the first time you have ever said it,” said Chong.

A deep thinker and soulful person, Chong is a role model in humanity and an advocate for change. When we spoke about strides in marijuana laws and the way society views cannabis, Chong said, “What I learned years ago is that marijuana is a medicine and if you treat it right, it will treat you right.”

When speaking of the increasing acceptance of gay lifestyles and the progress in equality, Chong speaks of a cyclical return to a society of an honest and peaceful world of unity. “The minute you marginalize people or cultures, then you create a them and us. It is not them and us ever; this world is made up of a bunch of we(s). That’s what Cheech & Chong showed and that’s what we continue to show. There’s room for everybody in this world, not only room but there’s a reason why we are all here. We have to acknowledge that and we can never ever think that we are better than anyone else,” said Chong.

tommy_2Look for Chong in upcoming shows with Cheech, as well as the band he will soon be forming with his talented son.

Tickets for Cheech & Chong at Hard Rock Live range from $49-104 and can be purchased at, or charge by phone: 1-800-745-3000. Doors open one hour prior to show start time.

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