Joe Gauthreaux

Joe Gauthreaux

By Sam Chafin

Joe-Gauthreaux_copy2014 was a banner year for Joe Gauthreaux.  He traveled the world, headlining nearly every big gay festival.  He unleashed several Billboard dance smashes.  He even launched his own music label, Prop D Recordings.  The first single, “Bye Felicia” was arguably the summer’s hottest dance floor anthem.  It featured vocals by Mitch [email protected], best known for his recordings with late house music great, Peter Rauhofer. On Thursday November 27th, Joe Gauthreux returns to Miami to spin the Papa Party @ White Journey, part of White Party weekend.

You’re a White Party veteran.  How many years does this year make?

I don’t know. I’ve lost count! Last year, I spun the main event with Offer Nissim. This year I’m playing at Cameo for Eliad Cohen’s Papa party. I never thought I’d do this event but I’m really excited about it!

What can we expect?

For me, it’s always about making my set the best it can be so everyone leaves saying, “wow, that was great music.”

Will Erica Gabriel be there?

You never know where my gal Erica will show up.

She appeared in the music video for “Bye Felicia”. What inspired that track?

I heard a lot of my friends saying “Bye Felicia” and I thought it would make a great hook. So I called up Mitch [email protected] and one cold day in January we made the song. I sat on it for a few months. I thought it might be too ridiculous to play live. Guess I was wrong!

What exactly does “Bye Felicia” mean?

It’s what you say when you dismiss someone you don’t care about.  It’s kinda rude, but we flipped the meaning in our track and wrote it as if we were really seeking Felicia.

What new productions are you working on for 2015?

I just recorded a song with one of the biggest club divas ever! Someone I’ve been dying to record with. It’s a song I wrote and I am saving it for gay pride.

We all know you love Taylor Swift.  Have you heard 1989 yet?

I’ve listened to the record about ten times now and I can’t find a song I don’t like. I’m so happy that, with her new sound, everyone else is finally falling in love with her because she really is an incredible songwriter.

Any songs ripe for a remix?

When I look to remix a song, it’s because I hear something totally different in my head than what the original arrangement presents.  There are a few songs on 1989 that I think would make good remixes but honestly, I find I can’t remix her well because I like her songs the way they are.

What’s next for you after White Party?

I’m going to Beijing in December and then Brazil for New Year’s.  Then it’s on to 2015!

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