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DJ Shane Phoenix Sound Off

The best DJ’s, Music Reviews, Vocal Artists and Interviews with the hottest in GLBT Music Entertainment. With DJ Shane Phoenix Celebrity Host Of Qnation’s “Q’s In The Biz” and “Flight Of The Phoenix” Radio Shows.

Brian Kent Interview

Brian Kent's life in the entertainment industry has morphed from touring as part of company, sharing the stage with such amazing talents as Kristine...

Review – Brian Kent – I’ll Find a Way

What a breath of fresh air! Finally, a song and video that is current, refreshing, breathtaking and inspiring, not to mention you can dance...

Out Music Awards – OUT

The Out Music Awards was to be held December 1, 2010, just one week from today. Now the artists who were nominated and...

Review – Kate Perry Firework

Kate Perry - She is hard to place in the mainstream music world, let alone in the LGBT Music scene. Katy Perry is considered...

Review- Ray Boltz True & Rihanna Loud

Hello everyone here we are again, in the fall of another year and the fall offs of the charts. But let's not hover...