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From the silver screen to the flat screen, get the information you need from behind the scenes all with a GLBT prospective. New releases, who’s coming out, who’s not; Hollywood From the Inside has you covered.

The RuPaul Universe Expands with ‘Queen of the Universe’

RuPaul has a new ViacomCBS show called “Queen of the Universe.” Yes, it’s drag-based, because of course it is. But there’ll be no lip-syncing...

Amazon Sets Pete Buttigieg Documentary

In 2012, a Republican named Fred Karger was the first openly gay Presidential candidate. He didn’t get far then, but he did help set...

‘Fever’ Rises Again with Michelle Williams and Todd Haynes

The Peggy Lee biopic, “Fever,” has been in development, stopping and starting, for at least eight years at this point. The late Nora Ephron...

Udo Kier’s ‘Swan Song’

Todd Stephens might not be a household name, but queer kids who grew up in the late ’90s and early 2000s have a special...

A ‘Wizard of Oz’ Remake?

New Line Cinema is teaming up with Emmy Award winning filmmaker Nicole Kassell (“Watchmen”) for a remake of “The Wizard of Oz.” Kassell will...

The Long, Slow Return of ‘American Gigolo’

It’s taking forever, this resurrection of the classic ’80s fashion/sex/murder mystery/sunshine-noir "American Gigolo," but we’re committed to seeing it through to its destination as...